March Comes in like a Lion with some damage

Borden Light Marina called me at 10:30 on March 2nd to let me know that Vento Solare had rolled off the stands during the ongoing wind storm we’re having. I went to the marina and took some pictures.  After the wind subsides, they will move the crane and trailer to put the boat back on the stands. 

Below shows the boat leaning on its port side. Fortunately the building and boat to the stern prevented a full tip.  The boat cover is fully in tact with no tears or pieces flying that would have caught the wind.   The headstay is leaning against the building with a crease in the aluminum extrusion where the jib luff tape is inserted.

Port Stanchion Damage

Stern Resting on Rudder

The aft end of the boat is currently leaning on the rudder with most of the weight supported by the boat behind Vento Solare.

The port forward gate stanchion is bent and needs to be replaced. An inspection of the deck area will be performed to survey potential damage after the boat is placed back on the stands.

The keel and bottom have some scrapes that will need to be sanded, barrier coated, faired, and painted. There does not appear to be any structural damage.  The insurance company has been notified.  Hopefully this does not impact the spring launch schedule.

Keel Leading Edge Chipped

Bow Centerline Scraped

Winds at Borden Flats During the Storm

The winds over the past 24 hours measured at Borden Flats are displayed above showing gusts over 50 kts.

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    • Bill on March 12, 2021 at 8:12 am

    An update now that the boat is back on the stands, the cover removed and a better damage assessment done. The insurance adjuster will meet with me at the boat on Monday 15 March with the rigger and surveyor.  There is a pretty comprehensive assessment below on what needs to be done.  I’ve started some of the work below the waterline to prepare the boat to be floated so it can be powered to Hinckley Yacht Yard for the rig to be pulled.  RigPro will be doing the rigging work. As soon as the rig is pulled, the boat will return to BLM for other work needed.  When the rig is ready, the boat will be powered to Hinckley and the rig installed.

    Damage Assessment:

    • Rudder bottom scraped and must be glassed, faired, barrier coated and painted. Rudder bearings and rudder post both appear to be good.
    • Keel scrapes fore and aft and starboard side must be sanded, sealed, barrier coated, and painted
    • Bottom scrapes in 6 places where stands gouged bottom must be sanded, faired, barrier coated and painted
    • Sail Drive aft edge paint chipped to base metal from the slings when the boat was being lifted by crane.
    • Port side aft gelcoat scraped by stand needs buffing and possible gelcoat repair if buffing is insufficient
    • Rigging – replacement backstay, port V1 & D1 shrouds, headstay and furling system required.  Mast was deformed at top due to stress while leaning against port side and must be replaced.
    • Port side pushpit, entrance gates & bases, stanchions & bases and bow pulpit deformed and require replacement.
    • Port upper lifeline stressed and requires replacement with two aft section life line covers torn.
    • Interior where port chainplate attaches to ring frame has tabbing to hull cracked.  Requires grinding out, retab the ring frame to the hull, then gelcoat applied over repaired area

    On 11 March the temperatures were 60 degrees.  I started below the waterline repairs in an effort to get the boat floated so the rig can be pulled and delivered to RigPro as soon as possible. Weather permitting, the exterior hull work will be completed and the boat launched by 1 April so the rig may be pulled. The long lead items are replacement stainless components bent and the mast.  Below are photos of damage and work in process.

    Bottom of rudder damaged fiberglass

    Rudder bottom sanded and fiberglass tape applied

    Keel Repair In Process

    Sail Drive & Bottom Repair in Process

    Ring Frame to Hull Interface Cracked

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