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Vento Solare Splashed 2023

2023 Floating

Vento Solare is finally launched!  Normally this is just a check in the box but this year a major milestone.  The week prior to Easter I felt miserable and had no energy.  After a couple of calls to the doctor on separate days, I went to the Emergency room at Newport Hospital on Friday and  ended up spending 5 days over Easter in the ICU being treated for pneumonia.  …

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Spinnaker Test Results

Spinnaker Testing

Vento Solare has a new North Sails 2022 Class A2 spinnaker that we used the first day at the Cedar Point OD regatta where we were not happy with how it projected.  It was a light air day (winds less than 8 kts).  The 2nd day we used the North Sails 2016 Class A2 spinnaker and liked how it projected better but winds were 10 to 12 kts.  …

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Physics and Sail Shape


A great tutorial on sail shape and trimming from Adam Walsh.
Quick note on the physics of sail shape.  The power (pull) and direction of that power generated by the sail is correlated to the max depth of the sails cord length. Meaning drawing a straight line from tack to clew.   At the point that has the max distance is known as max draft . …

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