Vento Solare New Mast Finally Installed

Vento Solare has a new mast and looks like a proper sailboat again.  Pat Tormey and I delivered to Hinckley on the afternoon of  Wednesday 19 May in preparation for scheduled mast stepping first thing Thursday morning.  When we arrived the crane crew was sitting idle waiting to step the masts on two boats that still hadn’t been moved out of the shed.  The crane operator checked with the supervisor who said let’s go!

A few minor glitches with how the rigging was run through the spreader tips was corrected and all standing rigging pinned. Rather than strand a car, Pat pushed off Bill from the Hinckley crane dock and met Bill at the Navy marina to handle lines.

Thursday morning will be dedicated to adjusting the new rigging and bending on the sails.  A group will help support instrument calibration and initial sail / rig testing so we can be ready to race Saturday.

A big thanks to Pat Tormey who helped me all day to get the boat delivered and ready.

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  1. Looks fast!

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