Lay Day on BI

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May 26, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 3:00 pm
Boat Location:
Payne's Dock
133 Ocean Ave
New Shoreham, RI 02807
Roy Guay
Lay Day on BI @ Payne's Dock | New Shoreham | Rhode Island | United States

Scratch Sheet on Website
Mitchell Race Rules 2019
Pursuit race to BI – non spinnaker.  PHRF 85 (big jib) Be at dock 8am to load up.
Staying at Payne’s Dock

Cindy – responsible for Appetizer Contest! Also bringing egg casserole for breakfast Sunday & Monday
Larry – Bringing lunch of Saturday and some munchies for snacks responsible for Bloody Mary Contest!
Trevor – join us Sunday by Ferry and sail back with us Monday.

Bill – Bringing one dinner to have on boat, the other will be in town. Also bringing lunch for Monday
Ryan – bring some cold beverages. Ryan is taking ferry back Saturday.

All those staying on boat – bring sleeping bag, towel and quarters for showers at Payne’s Dock.

Bill brings fender board, long dock lines, shore power cable, cocktail table and boom tent.


  • 6:00pm Skippers Meeting – Get official start times and sailing instructions


  • 9:00am Start – Newport. The first boat will start at 9:00am, and the rest will follow based on handicap.
  • 2019: Strong Flood Current at start.  Slack ~ 1130 in RI Sound, Strong push West across top of BI, stay closer to BI for more favorable current near the shore when in the current lee of BI.
  • noon – sandwiches on boat
  • 6:00pm Finish – New Harbor, Block Island – If you can’t finish by 6:00pm give up, turn on your engine and come in for beer.
  • 6:30pm Dinner – One night on boat, another night in town.


  • Breakfast stuff available on boat
  • 10:00am Bloody Mary Contest (virgin of course) – Back by popular demand. Bring your own concoction. What you do with the mixes after the judges taste them is up to you.
  • 3:00pm Hors d’oeuvres – On the dock. Be ready to present your best hors d’oeuvres for judging in taste and presentation. Partaking requires participation!
  • 4:00pm Awards – On the dock.
  • 6:30pm Dinner – One night on boat, another night in town.


  • Breakfast stuff available on boat
  • Lunch – Sandwiches on boat
  • Leave as you so desire or continue to enjoy the island. Be sure to check with your dock
    mates in case any of them want to leave early.

       Uniform: orange shirts blue vests Saturday, white shirts blue vests for party Sunday. Bring grey crew jackets

    Be at Payne's Dock - Sun May 26th @ 8:00AM EDT

    Crew Color Codes: Green crew is confirmed. Yellow crew need to verify with Skipper. Red does not crew for event. White crew position assignment not made yet and tally as Maybe - need to verify with Skipper.
     Name Position AssignmentAvailable Crew Comment
    Bill Skipper
    Cindy CrewAppetizer Contest Entry
    LarryB CrewBloody Mary Contest Entry
    Trevor Crew
    Allie Not AssignedX
    Andrew Stay Ashore?
    Billy Not AssignedX
    Eric Not AssignedX
    JV Stay Ashore?
    Luke Stay Ashore
    Mary Not AssignedX
    MattC Not AssignedX
    Ryan Not AssignedX
    Total Crew 4 = Confirmed (4) + Maybe (0) -- Maybe includes Available with no position assigned

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