Around Prudence Twenty Hundred Club Race

September 19, 2020 @ 8:15 am – 5:45 pm
Boat Location:
Navy Marina Slip A49
17 Perry Rd
Newport, RI 02841
Twenty Hundred Club
Around Prudence Twenty Hundred Club Race @ Navy Marina Slip A49 | Newport | Rhode Island | United States

Andrew, Conor & Matt please meet Roland 8:00 am at the Pass & ID parking lot to be driven on base.

Please bring your own lunch & beverages. We’ll celebrate at the dock after the race.

Twenty Hundred Club Fall Race around Prudence – start/finish near Pine Hill Point West of Prudence Island

Spin A Warning Signal 1015, Start 1020

Tides ~ transition to slack @ start, then ebb (max ~ 1400)

The Details!
The Twenty Hundred Club Fall Race Around Prudence Island (counterclockwise) starts and finishes by Pine Hill Point – which is about 8 nm from our slip. We’ll depart as soon as everyone is on the boat. I will have the boat rigged and ready to go.  We will discuss crew positions on the way there and once in the race area will do some practice. The warning signal is at 1000 for other classes with our warning at 1015, start 1020.

Registered: Yes   Fees Paid: Yes   Uniform: white shirts & blue vests
Payment LinkNotice of RaceScratch SheetSailing InstructionsRaceQs Replay

Be at Navy Marina Slip A49 - Sat September 19th @ 8:15AM EDT

Event Website: Twenty Hundred Club
Race Results: 7 of 10  
Crew Color Codes: Green crew is confirmed. Yellow crew need to verify with Skipper. Red does not crew for event. White crew position assignment not made yet and tally as Maybe - need to verify with Skipper.
 Name Position AssignmentAvailable Crew Comment
Andrew Pit
Bill Helm
Conor Main Trimmer
Gardner Foredeck
MattZ Headsail Trimmer
RolandH Mast
Allie Not AssignedX
Eric Main TrimmerXDepends on boat shopping
FJ Not AssignedX
JV Not AssignedX
LarryB Not AssignedX
Luke Not AssignedX
Mary PitX
MaryBeth Not AssignedX
MattC CrewX
Tim Not AssignedX
Total Crew 6 = Confirmed (6) + Maybe (0) -- Maybe includes Available with no position assigned

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