Vento Solare turning Green!

Vento Solare Crew,
I am following the lead from Brooke who sent a note to the URSA crew.  She has transitioned to an environmentally friendly policy associated with beverages on the boat.  This is a great idea and we will do the same on Vento Solare.
We will have re-usable drink cups on the boat for our dark’n stormy, wine and related beverages. We will use up what we have on the boat now and not replenish any single use plastic. This means a little extra clean up, but well worth not adding to the glut of plastic waste.
As a reminder, I will not be carrying small single use water bottles on board again, once the existing bottles on the boat are finished. Please remember to bring your own water bottles. I will always have large water containers to fill your bottles.
Also, I am still trying to keep glass beer bottles off the boat.  The exception is the refillable growlers since they are recycled.  Many great local breweries are selling their tasty beer in cans!
If you have any other suggestions to help us be environmentally friendly, please let me know!
Thanks and think Green!
Bill Kneller

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